The East End Seaport Museum loves their volunteers! Whether they are students looking to build resumes or members of the community, these team members can work for as many or as few hours as they would like. Volunteers gain exposure to the workings of a dynamic maritime museum while completing projects tailored to their interests. Volunteer applications are accepted at all times. Volunteers keep maritime heritage alive.

All volunteer positions can be offered as internships. Students seeking to complete an internship at the East End Seaport Museum must be able to receive credit for their experience and provide a proposal outlining their learning goals.


Our cruise volunteers helps us on our tours of Bug Lighthouse and special cruises along the East End and New England. Cruise volunteers will be on vessels, setting up for the arrival of passengers, as well as assist with ticket processing.  


Education volunteers help run the educational program series for kids and monthly educational program series for adults. Programming focuses on local marine life (as explored through our saltwater aquarium) and local maritime history. Special knowledge of marine life or maritime history is helpful but not required for this position.


  • Assists with distribution of materials advertising program

  • Participates during each “class” as leader or aide

  • Physically prepares locale for individual “class” with set up and cleanup.

  • “Hands on” assistance is expected.


Children's Room

"Captain Bob's Quarter Deck" is a room dedicated as a children's please-touch-and-explore nautical experience. The room allows children of all ages to enjoy and learn about the coastal environment, maritime activities, local history, sea life, and to explore using their imaginations.  This room is not just about displays.  It is about experiences that spark curiosity, holds a child's attention and entices them to return again and again.

Special Note: 
We need individuals 16 years and older to help supervise and chaperone during the children's nautical education program, meeting weekly at 10am Wednesdays in July and August. Additionally, we need chaperones/monitors throughout the week and weekends in the Children's Room through October.

Maritime Festival

The East End Seaport Museum and Maritime Foundation needs volunteers to assist in the success of the Maritime Festival. We will accommodate your fields of interest and "work" times are flexible.

Please email director@eastendseaport.org with your name, contact numbers, where, when and how you would like to volunteer. Please write "Volunteer" in the subject line.

Archives &

Be a museum archaeologist by helping our collections intern unearth museum treasures. Volunteers for our archives will help identify, sort, and preserve our collections.  Items in the collection need to be photographed, scanned, and documented.  Under the direction of our intern, these items will be packaged into future exhibits, or traded with local institutions.  This is a dynamic position for history enthusiasts.  No special skills or knowledge required, only a passion for history.


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