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How A Major Breakthrough In Colony Collapse Syndrome Was Discovered By Greenport's Own Joe McInnis (With Free Honey Tasting!) - Free for Members - $5 for Non Members

Joe McInnis, speaker

Joe McInnis, speaker

After four years, Greenporter Joe McInnis and his mentor, Douglas Greg, a retired Plum Island veterinary pathologist, have just had a significant breakthrough that could very likely explain the cause and solution to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Joe’s study recently beat out 500 other students to win first place at the New York State Science Fair (NYSSEF). He was also the youngest speaker ever to speak at the New York State Histotechnological Society’s annual conference. He’s been interviewed by Newsday, NPR, Fox 5 as well as North Fork Patch and the Suffolk Times.

For years, scientists have attempted to discover the cause of CCD, where honeybees are disappearing from hives around the world at an alarming rate. If not stopped, CCD will eventually wipe out 60% of our food supply. While many in the bee community have their theories—pesticides, parasites, global warming, poor nutrition, and stress—none have been proven as definitive causes, as CCD is thriving in areas where these factors don’t exist.

When Joe began this study as an eighth-grader, the East End Seaport Museum was the first to invite him in to speak as well as support his efforts. Now that Joe is entering his senior year at Greenport High School and his study has just met with success, we’ve invited him back to share his study that could change the course of CCD research.

In what will prove to be an informative, entertaining, and engaging night, Joe’s talk will be supplemented by video and images to illuminate how his study came about, how he worked through the problem, as well as his success and how it will impact the fight to save the bees.

We’ll even have a honey-tasting session during the event!