Paul Drum Children's Nautical Education Program

Paul Drum Children's Nautical Education Program

The East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation and the Paul Drum Nautical Education Program has produced this summer’s series geared to children ages 8 – 12.  The EESM is a nonprofit institution dedicated to enriching our children’s lives through the exploration of marine sciences, nautical activities, and the safety and enjoyment of our surrounding waters.

Children will learn ecological theories and practices through uniquely designed programs led by educators from Cornell and other marine authorities, experience hands-on science and art projects, and attend lectures given by valued experts.

This program is available free of charge, and grows with money provided by donations from our global community, generous sponsors, and “fun-raisers” such as the Pirate and Mermaid Breakfast held on Maritime Festival Sunday, September 24, 2017.

The 8 week program meets 10:00am Wednesday mornings in the East End Seaport Museum unless specified otherwise.

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required and starts June 1 at the Floyd Memorial Library, Greenport, and on line at


1) July 5: Fish Printing - Joe Mullins
Learn the ancient art of "Fish Rubbing," better known as Gyotaku.  Artist Joe Mullins will lead us step by step to learn this ancient yet completely contemporary artistic technique.

2) July 12: Whale Talk and Scrimshaw Craft - Rosemary McKinley
Along with a lively whale tale, the class will enjoy the art of Scrimshaw and create their own craft to take home.

3) July 19: Recycled Material Art Project - Cindy Pease Roe
Using discarded litter, create your own piece of beauty under that guidance of a professional artist.

4) July 26: Sea Chanteys with the Jolly Tars - Kenneth Purcell
Enjoy the history, lore and music of Sea Chanteys.  Sing and play along to the work songs that told the tales of high adventure.

5) August 2: Planting Grasses/Beach Erosion - Rachel Neville
join us for a day of coastal habitat stewardship!  During this program we will create burlap "Tortilla" planting disks which will be used to plant eelgrass in local bays this fall.  We will also be planting and splitting Spartina Alterniflora, or March Grass.  These plants will be used for our coastal habitat restoration work on Long Island.

6) August 9: Rowing - Pat Mundus
Roll up your sleeves and get your feet wet--Learn how to row a boat!

7) August 16: Signal Flag Project - Lynn Summers
Learn to read those colorful signal flags and spell out your name with a craft to take home.

8) August 23: Marine Mammals - Cornell Extension
It's tough to be a mammal out in the ocean@  Join us for an exploration of the lives of marine mammals.  You will learn about marine mammal anatomy and biology, aquatic adaptations, species identification, conservation efforts and more.

Join Us for Paul Drum’s Breakfast Fundraiser: A Mermaid and Pirate Experience

Laugh, dance and chow down with a lovely mermaid or a gnarly pirate! Our Breakfast with Pirates and Mermaids is a fun event with all proceeds going to the Paul Drum Nautical Education Fund.

East End Seaport Museum & Sound Waters Youth Program

During the summers of 2014 and 2015, the 80’ schooner SoundWaters arrived in Greenport Harbor manned with a crew of marine educators.  50 children experienced a 3 hour morning of sailing, learning to heave lines, raising sails, singing sea chanteys, and working together.  As part the SoundWaters’ educational program, supported in part by the Long Island Sound Study, the children sampled and tested water quality, analyzed groundwater filtration and examined the rich diversity of life that exists beneath the waves.  After seine-hauling the waters, the nets were raised and the collected animals were placed into touch-tanks.  There they were examined and explained under the watchful eyes of the on- board teachers and were released back to the sea. 

Photos from the SoundWaters program: