Photo Credit: David Benthal Photography

East End Seaport Museum & Marine Foundation is thrilled that our 2018 Grand Marshal is Chris Hamilton, a photographer, bayman and champion for the environment, protecting the East End’s precious resources and preserving local heritage.

Chris is a native Greenporter whose family has lived on Long Island and worked on the water for generations. He returned to his hometown after graduating from the University of Rhode Island where he studied Environmental Science and Marine Affairs. His creativity, generous spirit and commitment to several causes have had a positive impact on East End Seaport Museum (EESM) and the community at large.

He has made several meaningful contributions to EESM — collaborating with his father Bob to create a bayman’s display, sharing his talents in a photography exhibit and underwriting the planting of a garden at the museum in memory of his brother Jeremy. Chris will also be photographing this year’s EESM Land & Sea Gala on September 21.

Being the East End Seaport Museum’s Grand Marshall for this year’s Maritime Festival is not only an honor, but also a great opportunity. I am very humbled to be able to represent the community of Greenport and the year-round residents who call this beautiful place home.. I see this as an opportunity to effect positive change, for not only the EESM and Maritime Festival, but for our community as well. I believe it is my responsibility to help further the conversation as to how we can embrace some of the changes that we face today, while honoring the legacy of our forefathers and respecting our heritage as a ‘working waterfront.’
— Chris Hamilton

PHOTOGRAPHY by chris hamilton